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3 Care Techniques to Extend The Life Of Your Hardwood Floors

The best part of hardwood flooring is their relatively easy maintenance. While they are generally damage-free, some smart care techniques will extend their shelf life, so that you can enjoy them for the long haul.

Avoid Pressure

Hardwood flooring can stand up to all kinds of dirt from shoes, but they may not be as resilient to pencil-thin heels or furniture bases because the floor may end up dented. Insert pads at the bottom of furniture pieces and keep your heels off hardwood to ensure your floor remains dent-free.

Keep The Dust At Bay

Dust and dirt can severely impact the spectacular sheen of hardwood flooring. So, take care to ensure that they don’t settle for too long on your floors. You may need to sweep, vacuum and mop at least once a week depending on where you live. Don’t use harsh chemicals to clean wood while mopping because they could end up stripping off the finish. Instead, mild detergent is enough to restore the pristine look of your hardwood floors.

Re-Finish Hardwood Regularly

Hardwood floors can last for several years, even decades. But the finish can strip off from the surface over time. This is an easy fix because you simply need to re-finish the existing hardwood without replacing your flooring to restore a near-new appearance once again. You can either hire professionals or do the job on your own based on your comfort.

Follow these smart care techniques to extend the shelf life of your hardwood floors. If you are considering installing hard floors or need re-finishing, contact Floor Works at 334-384-6888.

4 Types Of Natural Stone Floors for Your Home

Natural stone flooring features unparalleled beauty that few others can match, so choosing between them for your home is always an excellent interior design choice. This guide aims to help you identify different types of stone floors that punctuate your home with visual appeal.


Granite is one of the most aesthetically pleasing natural stone materials available thanks to its gorgeous patterns and textures. The stone is available in a myriad of colors and styles, so you can use it to reflect the décor of your home impeccably. Granite is stain and moisture resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for moisture-laden rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.


Unmatched in visual allure, marble represents a sophisticated appearance for formal living rooms. But its porous nature means that it can be easily scratched, which is why you need to seal it regularly. Marble discolors with acids, so it’s best to restrict this natural stone choice to formal spaces in your home.


Travertine is a soft flooring choice featuring a classic, stone-cut design. The stone is relatively porous, so it must be sealed every once in a while to keep it strong. The natural texture and pattern makes it an excellent decorative choice for flooring anywhere in your home.


Limestone has a natural, earthy finish and is usually sanded to feature a smooth and streamlined finish for your home. Limestone’s stunning natural appearance makes it an excellent choice for living rooms and bedrooms.

Fall in love with the appearance of natural stone flooring with these high-impact choices. Contact your Alabama flooring experts at Floor Works and learn more about your stone options.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

The Top 4 Benefits of Ceramic Tile

Many options are available for new flooring, but ceramic tile is one of the best. It offers the flexibility of a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, which allow you to match any current or future home design and style.

Several factors set it apart from competitors such as hardwood, including:

  1. Every kind of floor needs some care after installation, but ceramic is as effortless as it gets. The only requirement beyond cleaning is an occasional sealant application, which you can do once every four years, making tile an easy and affordable long-term choice for everyone.
  1. Cost Efficiency. Ceramic tile offers a truly unbeatable value. Although the initial cost is greater than linoleum, tile will last decades longer, even under more strenuous.
  1. People have been using ceramic tile for thousands of years. In Rome, there are many places where ancient tile mosaics are still on display. Although tile can break on heavy impact, it is much stronger against daily wear and tear than other flooring options.
  1. Easily Repairable. In the unfortunate event that a tile shatters, it’s very easy to replace. Once you remove the broken section, you can lay and grout a fresh piece in much less time and effort than it would take to repair a wooden plank or entire sheet of linoleum.

Floor works offers a variety of ceramic tiles for both your floor and wall, providing a seamless look in your bathroom or home. When you’re ready to transform your Alabama home with ceramic tile floor installation, give the Floor Works experts a call at 334-540-3818.

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The Perks of Planks: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Do you love the look of hardwood flooring, but hate the heavy maintenance and large price tag? Luxury vinyl plank has recently become available to the average consumer, meaning that everyone in America can enjoy the same benefits that commercial designers have been using for years.

What is Luxury Vinyl Plank?

These planks are a type of manufactured flooring that look and feel like true hardwood. They satisfy green building initiatives and don’t deplete quarries or harm forests. You can find most planks in incredibly realistic wooden and stone textures and colors, thanks to the photogravure process. This method results in tiny “wood grain” or “rock” surfaces that are hard to distinguish from the real thing. In fact, most people, even contractors, can’t see a difference.

The Benefits of Choosing Vinyl

Aside from its incredible realism, luxury vinyl plank provides a host of other fantastic benefits, such as:

• Huge savings. This type of flooring is just a fraction of the price of real stone or hardwood.
• Impressive safety. Vinyl flooring meets or exceeds requirements for slip resistance, flammability, and more.
• Water resistance. Vinyl is naturally water resistant, and as long as the installer puts the flooring in properly on a level surface, you don’t have to worry about spills.

Are you ready to change your home with luxury vinyl plank installation? Reach out to your Alabama professionals for a free consultation at Floor Works, LLC by calling 334-384-6888 or visiting our showroom, featuring a wide selection of vinyl plank flooring finishes.

What Flooring Fits Your Personality?

The flooring in a house can say a lot about an individual’s personality. Every type of material has a personality type to match, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of flooring and the types of people who are most likely to have that type of flooring in their homes.


Carpet provides a soft and gentle feel that is perfect for those of us who are gentle and kind with warm hearts. Walking on carpet can give anybody a sense of comfort, safety, and security. Since carpet is made out of fabric, it also provides warmth to a home. This matches perfectly with anyone who feels the warmth of love and compassion. While carpet can be a bit harder to clean and maintain, it undeniably provides a house with an extra feeling of warmth and comfort that other materials such as wood and vinyl may not provide. There is also an overwhelming feeling of homeliness when one is walking barefoot across a carpeted floor.


Tile is perfect for those with an artistic mind. It provides a durable, sturdy surface much like the mindset needed to begin a work of art. With an infinite number of styles and patterns to choose from, tile flooring caters to the artistic crowd by allowing them to express their unique, individual flavor. Tile also provides symmetrical patterns that are sure to inspire any creative thinking mind. It is also incredibly easy to clean up, which means all that paint spilled on it can be easily wiped or mopped away.


Stone flooring provides sturdy, solid support for the strong and resilient leader type. Stone is one of the sturdiest materials available, which is one reason kings and queens throughout the ages not only had stone floors, but built their entire castles out of the hardy material. While stone may not be the most aesthetically pleasing of all the flooring options, it holds an undeniable charm with people searching for a feeling of resiliency, security, and stature. Stone has long been a symbol of power and stature, and remains a top option for people searching for a feeling of strength in their homes.


Hardwood is perfect for people with a love for nature and the outdoors. A hardwood floor is one of the simplest types of flooring available. It provides a practical, natural look and is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Wood is one of the most abundant things found in nature, so it’s only natural that an outdoor lover would have their floors made out of the outdoors. This type of flooring is also great for the overall value of a home. Homes with predominantly hardwood floors have been known to have a much higher resale value than homes with other types of flooring.


Laminate flooring goes hand in hand with a bright, bubbly personality. Thus type of floor provides a certain type of shimmer that pairs well with someone who always carries a bright outlook. Like tile and hardwood, laminate is easy to maintain. This makes it a perfect choice for someone who always likes to look on the bright side of things, rather than constantly worrying about what could go wrong next. Laminate floors can be a reminder that anything can brighten your day.


Vinyl is the perfect choice for the simplistic or practical type. With vinyl flooring, you simply peel and stick. This makes vinyl the perfect choice for the person who cares less about visuals and more about practicality. Since vinyl is also one of the cheapest flooring options, people concerned about budget more than style will love this simple option. If you are frugal by nature, vinyl flooring is the perfect solution.


Linoleum pairs well with people of a spiritual nature. Since it is made of a mixture of natural substances, linoleum will ensure that anyone with a heightened sense of spirit, self, and earth is never far from the ingredients that make up our world. Since linoleum is made from all biodegradable materials, people who seek to maintain and preserve our environment pair perfectly. With linoleum, people who love their world can help preserve it simply by choosing an eco-friendly flooring style.


Engineered flooring is made for people who seek versatility. With a number of different options, engineered hardwood flooring is great for someone who loves to customize. Trees of almost every kind can be used for this type of floor, allowing for complete customization for the look and feel of the floor.

The flooring in a person’s home can be a reflection of who they truly are. Whether free spirited, grounded, or resilient, there is a floor out there to mirror any person’s personality. This all serves as a reminder that home is, in fact, where the heart is.

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Press Release: FloorWorks LLC

Phenix City, Ala., February 5, 2016 – People seeking a one-stop shop for all their flooring needs in The Hub have a new option. Employing seasoned personnel who are dedicated to providing both exemplary customer service and high-quality products, Flooring Works LLC aims to lead the industry on either side of the Chattahoochee River.

The business offers ceramic tile, hardwood, carpet, laminate, engineered, luxury vinyl plank and traditional vinyl flooring from a wide variety of manufacturers, including:

  • Tarkett
  • Armstrong
  • Dreameaver
  • Palmetto Road
  • Beaulilue
  • Shaw

The company, which is based at 3521G Summertime Road, sells these products and installs them for a reasonable cost. Flooring Works LLC also repairs carpet, hardwoods and all other flooring types. The company is new and, as such, has a small number of customer testimonials and reviews; however, the company’s vision, reportedly, is to begin and develop long-term customer relationships based on mutual respect. All of the company’s employees have grown up in, and now work and live in, the Phenix City area. Flooring Works LLC is proud of that and plans to keep up with the changing tastes and preferences of the citizens on either side of the river.

People interested in purchasing new flooring products, or having them installed, can contact the company on their website, Flooring-Works.com. Alternatively, interested parties can simply visit the showroom to see the company’s products firsthand. Customers who wish to speak directly to someone before visiting Flooring Works LLC’s downtown location, which is three blocks from Moon Lake, should call either 334-540-3818 or 706-681-1681.