If you are looking for new carpet for your home, then you’ll find a variety of types that fit your needs at Floor Works. When deciding on carpet for you home, you need to take several considerations — including the type of carpet, your ability to maintain and clean the carpet, and the durability you are seeking. Carpet traditionally comes in four main styles — loop, pattern, textured and frieze.

  • Frieze, which also is known as twist carpet, is made from long yarns that are twisted together. The result is a carpet with bounce and dimension. You almost feel like you’ve got a little bounce in your own step when walking on frieze!
  • Textured carpet also has long yarns that form a high, soft pile. It looks more casual than frieze and is one of the most popular types of carpet.
  • Patterned carpet is an elegant look that gives you a unique pattern. It is flatter than the frieze, textured and looped carpet and is constructed from carpet loops of varying heights to create patterns.
  • Loop carpet is the densest of all the styles. It is constructed from strands of yarn that are looped and are durable.

When considering all of these styles, you’ll want to think about how much you can maintain them and what your home life needs truly are. You can add stain resistance to any of our carpets, making them more durable. Just remember that some carpets take traffic and dirt better than others. Frieze, for example, and other carpets made from long yarns sometimes can get caught in a vacuum cleaner. Carpets with mixed colors of yarn are especially good at concealing stains and dirt. Patterned carpets can make elegant and dramatic looks for a grand entryway. Come into the Floor Works showroom to feel samples of our carpet and take home a few to test on your floors.