Floor Works Custom Tile Flooring

We have the largest selection of custom tile flooring in stock and ready to be installed.

Are you looking for new ceramic tile flooring for your kitchen, bathroom or other room in your home or office? Perhaps you’re looking for a low-maintenance floor for your entire home or office? Whatever your tile flooring needs, Flooring Works can help. We carry one of the largest selections of ceramic tile flooring in a gallery of colors that is sure to fit your color palette. Floor Works is well-known for our competitive prices on ceramic tile flooring and we will assist you with finding the right flooring to fit your renovation budget.

A great benefit of installing tile in your home its ease of cleaning. At Flooring Works, we carry both porcelain and non-porcelain tiles and offer tiles with and without glazing. One of the great benefits of porcelain tile is that it has greater durability and a natural resistance to stains. It can be more expensive than non-porcelain tile, but it may be worth the investment if it fits into your budget.

In addition, we provide ceramic tile for floors and walls giving your bathroom or kitchen a beautiful seamless look. From beige to gray, from white to black — and more — our color palette of ceramic tile is extensive. Ceramic tile gets its unique look and finish from the natural minerals that are in the clay — and additional additives such as sand, the latter found in non-porcelain tile.

Visit our showroom to see large selection of ceramic tile flooring samples. Take a few home with you to test against your walls, and consult with our expert staff to learn more about how your ceramic tile installation can begin today. You can count on our team of professional ceramic tile installers to lay down your tile and seal it from start to finish — doing it the right way the first time. We’d love to show you want we can offer at Floor Works. Visit our showroom today!