Concrete flooring for home, office or business

Are you looking for a contemporary look for your home or office? Want a sleek and modern feel for your living room or kitchen? Want a floor that is easy to maintain and trendy? If you want the best of both worlds, then concrete flooring is a good option for you. Concrete flooring is increasing in popularity because of how easy they are to maintain. You may also be surprised by the look you can achieve with concrete glazes. At Floor Works, our flooring consultants can walk you through the possibilities for installing a concrete floor. Concrete floors can be used in just about any room in a home, but they are especially good for kitchens, bathrooms, basements and great rooms. Outside, a concrete floor is a great option for a porch slab, a patio and a carport.

Concrete floors are a natural choice for a homeowner who wants a floor that is versatile and easy to clean. You’ll find that with concrete flooring! In addition, a concrete floor is a great choice if you are trying to level an uneven floor. It’s one of the easiest ways to do this and to mask the current imperfections of your sub-floor.

Concrete floors are unique in comparison to other types of flooring we offer because they don’t come in tile or panel form. Instead, they are installed much in the same way a concrete driveway is installed — by pouring concrete onto your sub-floor, smoothing it and finishing it.

Most customers who choose a concrete flooring do not leave the concrete bare — although that may be an option for some people looking for an industrial look for their homes. Instead, you can choose finishing options that make the concrete floor look interesting and finished — including having the concrete floor glazed with a concrete glaze that fits the color temperature of your room or having the concrete floor stamped with a texture. Many of our customers are surprised to see what a finished concrete floor can look like!

Our flooring experts can give you examples at our showroom, so visit today!