Luxury Vinyl Plank FlooringIf you are in the market for the beauty and ease-of-care of hardwood flooring but don’t have a the budget for hardwood floors, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is an excellent option for you to consider. Luxury vinyl plank is extremely durable, affordable, easy to clean and  and a big bonus is, it tends to feel warmer underfoot than ceramic or porcelain tiles. That is one of the many reasons why vinyl flooring has soared in popularity. The other reason is that luxury vinyl planks offer incredible design versatility.

Luxury Vinyl Plank is a beautiful vinyl flooring that looks like wood planks in everything from color to species. Surface textures often include the look of scraping or embossing, which dramatically heighten the realism of the flooring. Also, like wood, luxury vinyl planks may be installed in various complex ways—in brick fashion, diagonally, and so on. The result? Stunning.

You can choose luxury vinyl planks that replicate virtually any hardwood finish and surface that you can imagine. Each luxury vinyl plank is made from high-quality vinyl which makes for a durable floor and extremely low maintenance. You can wash a vinyl floor with water and scrub it with your mop. You don’t have to worry about scratching it like you do with hardwood floors.

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is:

  • Resilient flooring
  • Known for its warmth and comfort underfoot
  • Extremely high-performance
  • Surprisingly beautiful
  • Can put it anywhere—even in places where moisture could be a problem for other types of flooring
  • Stylish, fresh and sophisticated

Visit Floor Works new showroom today to see our wide selection of luxury vinyl plank flooring for your new home or home renovation. You can choose from a wide variety of the most popular traditional, exotic and distressed looks to recreate the style of authentic hardwood in any room.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring, it’s easy on the budget and a great alternative to installing more expensive hardwood flooring.